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How it all started...

Social media is a revolution of how we socialize and meet people, share views, interests, fantasies, moods & literally almost everything we have on mind or in our life. We hit like button (the easiest way to make somebody feel your presence, more often not fully read the content :D), we comment on shares, pictures, status etc.

Whenever I use to hit like button especially for some messages and quotes which has some real meaning in them, I use to think is that it? We liked it and purpose is solved? is the awareness enough?. In our busy and the most complicated daily life, these kind of message and awareness are part of daily news item and bring smile on our face for some moment and then we are again lost into the oblivion.

One night (4th Nov 2015) was browsing through my WhatsApp massages, and there was nice picture shared by one of my group member.

Kuch na kuch kharid liya karo yaro As a habit I shared this picture to my other groups and friends, like always not many response to such messages, people will smile, feel good and might just forward it again, while I was thinking the same, I got a reply with couple of smileys in it from one my family friend, and that’s when this idea struck me.

 To put in a simple term, buy from road side vendor and sell online. I know it sounds simple, but its not. I am a person who belives there are things which are actully impossible, but thing I belive are surely possible. I shared the idea Divya who responded first, she was excited which pumped confidence in me, then I shared the idea with my closest of friend Krishna, as expected he was super excited, than offcource my family was in for full support. I got in more people, shared my thoughts and vision in a meeting at my home, and end of it we had 13 people joining hands with me for this awesome noble cause. 

We are pulling things in and building the foundation, soon you can also be part of this, this mission has great potential to serve the needy, self-esteem and poor people, and yes there is lots in it for you too, we assure tons of happiness and satisfaction of existence on this planet will be yours.