About Us

We are group of likeminded professionals who believe just liking and appreciating something on social media is not a solution for the issues we have in our society, this thought has brought us together to do something which can help needy and the self-esteemed people who struggle to make enough, to lead their basic lives.

We have techies working in different companies like Dell, NICE Systems, Hp, Infosys, Accenture and also few who are business men. Our team expertises in various domains like e-commerce, digital marketing, training, software development etc. We will use all the talent we have to better the lives of the self-esteemed needy people.

Our objective is to make a self-sustaining organisation which can run with minimal or no donations at all. We will generate revenue by various method which is affiliated marketing, digital ads etc. 100% of the funds raised from this will be used for the upliftment of the people who refuse to beg and make their living by selling products on the streets.

To start with, we will buy products from the road side vendors and sell on our website, any product you see on sale is purchased from a road side self-esteemed vendor who sells on signals and refusees to beg. Any product sold, 100% of the money (after deducting the running cost) will go back again to purchase of the product from them.

You can be part of our core team or just be an active member, contact us if you are interested in joining hands to make our city, our country a better place.